Top Ten Richest Man in Pakistan 2017

Here You can find the Top Ten Richest Man in Pakistan 2017. Top most rich peoples in Pakistan are the peoples who have money and they are the richest peoples in Pakistan. They are most popular in Pakistan and they play more important role in Pakistan’s economic life.

Top most rich peoples name is given below according to net worth

  • Shahid khan
  • Mian Muhammad mansha
  • Asif ali zardari
  • Sir anwar pervaiz
  • Nawaz and shahbaz sharif
  • Saddaruddin hashwani
  • Nasir schon
  • Abdul razzaq yaqub
  • Rafiq habib and Rashid habib
  • Mr farooqi

Top Ten Richest Man in Pakistan 2017

Top Ten Richest Man in Pakistan 2016

Shahid khan

In this year the top most rich person is shahid khan he had 3.8 billion rupees and his source of income is flex n gate, Jacksonville, jaguar, fulham f.c.

Mian Muhammad mansha

He is at the second number of our list and he is the 2nd richest person in Pakistan and he has 2.5 billion rupees net worth .he is a business man and he have 40 companies all over Pakistan

And his few of company names are nishat group, mcb ,adamjee group and nishat chiniot power.

Asif ali zardari

He is at 3rd no in our ranking and he have 1.5 billion rupees net worth he have many sources of income he is earning from agriculture government politics and multiple sources.

Sir anwar pervaiz

Fourth is sir anwar pervaiz and he is a businessman and he is chairman of bestway group of industry and he own a bank whose name is united bank limited and he have 1.1 billion rupees.

Nawaz and shahbaz sharif

Nawaz sharif and shahbaz sharif are at 5th no in our ranking and they both are politicians as well as business mans and they both have 1.4 billion rupees and when they were in Saudi Arabia they got commission from foreign countries they both own ittefaq group of industries and sharif group of industries.

Saddaruddin  hashwani

He is at 6th no in our ranking and he have 1 billion rupees and he own marriott hotels, pearl continental hotel and orient petroleum.

Nasir schon

He is at 7th no of our list and he is a business man by profession and he and his family have 1 billion rupees net worth.

Abdul razzaq yakoub

He is at 8th no of our list and he is president of ary group and he has 1 billion rupees .

Rafique habib and Rashid habib

Rafiq habib and rasheed habib are at 9th no in our ranking and they both do not show off they have 72 million rupees and they both are business man by profession.

Mr farooqi

Mr farooqi have 400 million rupees and he is a politician in sindh government and other local bodies.

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