Check PTCL Evo Duplicate Bill Online Payment Recharge Status Inquiry

Check PTCL Evo Duplicate Bill Online

You can  check PTCL evo Duplicate Bill online Payment Recharge Status inquiry information and Ptcl broadband internet connection available with on ptcl landline with reasonable charges. Ptcl has taken initiative for the family members by introducing EVO Wingle 9.3 & EVO Cloud with faster speed. Now all the people can enjoy the Ptcl internet with faster speed & different packages. …

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Top 10 Tablets/Tabs Under 10,000 in Pakistan

There are many tablets introduced in Pakistan, but mostly very costly so here we will provided the Top 10 Tablets/Tabs Under 10,000 in Pakistan while these all are the cheapest price and all are have with best features. Samsung Tablets are very famous whole the world & its South Korean company but their prices are very high but now many …

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Top 10 Most Worst Computer Viruses of All Time

Top 10 Worst Computer Viruses

In the past viruses were only created to damage hard drives, corrupting files and reducing Internet speed. But the situation is has become much more unsafe nowadays due to hackers being qualified and expert. Viruses today are designed for a very specific purpose such as stealing money from bank accounts or disabling country’s extremely confidential systems. Here’s a look on …

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Top 10 Best iphone 5 Apps 2016 All Time Free

Skype iphone 5 Apps 2013

Today thousands of apps are available on the internet for your iPhone 5 and many of the best are free to use. Loading the right apps into this beauty makes its experience much more satisfying. There are more than one good apps for social networking, traveling, news, photos and productivity, but some apps are simply a must have, so here …

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