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How To Do Bridal Makeup at Home Step by Step

Here you will be able to get information about how to do bridal makeup at home step by step. Are you interested in doing your bridal makeup with your hands at home? Then you are at right place here we will give information about how to do bridal makeup at home. And here we will try our best that these information proved to be helpful to you all. Following will be the steps for doing makeup at home and this will be really helpful to all those who want to do it at home without any help.

How To Do Bridal Makeup at Home Step by Step in urdu, english

Take care of your skin apply a best primer that is suitable with your skin and can help you in doing a clean makeup. If you are using a regular moisturizer and you allow it of seeping into your skin. For 15 minutes you are doing it just right. Before you apply foundation it is best to use a primer.

Foundation with the help of above given products your skin will be quite smoother and finer then you will apply foundation of favorite color that you want to apply and that will match with your skin. After this apply face powder after applying foundation or stick.

Eye shadow in putting eye shadow you should use reverse color of your dress and this will be a combination for applying these eye shadows. It is better to use a flat based eye shadows brush and fluffy dome brush to blend it. Apply an even dark color on you wrinkle lines. And follow it up by highlight on your brown bone.

Eyeliner apply eye liner with your lashes it should be sleek and thin not very harsh because it will give a harsh look to the bride.

Applying mascara or curl the lashes if you are using artificial lashes then you should apply a curler on it and then fix these lashes. And then apply thick mascara.

Adding blush on the blush on is applied on cheek bones for giving a slim look to the face. Apply a lighter shade of blush on.

Lining your lips line your lips and then apply a cool shaded lipstick. This should not be so dark and not so light. And lipstick should be mate.

Then you are ready for your big day, And this is the most easy way of makeup of bride and Hope you like it for more further details stay here.

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