Telenor 3g Hourly Daily Weekly Monthly Package Code

Telenor 3G, 4G internet packages network services 2015 in Pakistan which that will be launched now. Here is right place where you can took the Telenor 3g Hourly Internet Packages, Daily Weekly Monthly Package activation code, charges. Its very great international cellular network which would be provided in these selected areas which will be covered by 3g and 4g network of Telenor.Many of the senior management official persons of information technology (IT) and also finance were to taken the meeting of new internet packages 3g and 4g of Telenor. All interested candidates who are very interested for getting its complete information of its 3G and 4G network so they can call to their friend and relatives with high speed of 3g and 4g Telenor network at any place from all over the world. According to 3g and 4g packages technology every company which has been starting its marketing in Pakistan.

Telenor 3g Hourly Daily Weekly Monthly Package Code

Telenor 3g Internet Packages 2015 Hourly Daily Weekly Monthly

What Can You Do On 3G Internet?
Uninterrupted Calling
Non Stop Music Download
Amazing Social Networking and Browsing

Telenor Daily Internet Package

Rs.12 and

Activation code is *345*932#

Volume offered is 100 MBs.

Validity of the package is 100MBs and the tracking is done by dialing the code *999#.

Telenor 3 Day Internet Package


volume offered 500 MBs. Activation code is *345*933#.

The tracking code for this bundle *999#.

Telenor Weekly Internet Package

Rs.40 and

limit is 500 MBs.

The activation code for this bundle is *345*934#.

Telenor Monthly (Unlimited) Internet Package


Activation code is *345*935#

Volume of the internet 2.5 GBs .

On trail base its provide free of 3g and 4g network on your Telenor at this condition if you are in coverage areas like that Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and Rawalpindi of that service. How to get free trial of 3G on your Telenor SIM so to check that facility you have required to dial *7799# from your mobile Telenor SIM. You can give your suggestions about Telenor 3G and 4G internet packages services in Pakistan, for further 2015 Telenor 3g Hourly Daily Weekly Monthly Internet packages details stay here.

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