Top 10 Microfinance Banks in Pakistan

Now we are going to describe the best top 10 microfinance banks in Pakistan which that these are gaining great profits through their all microfinance network. In Pakistan many of the microfinance institute are working. According to the ranking and scoring of microfinance business invironment Pakistan is the first number of the Aisa and third number in all over the world by Economist intelligence units respectively. Pakistan have 62.8 score through that microfiance business in Aisa. If we see the top ranking of the East and South Asia so Pakistan and Philippines are topped. Pakistan Access to finance survey which that has been over to formal financial services only 12 percent peoples and other 32% peoples are informally served and other 56 percent are fully excluded. According to the inauguration of microfinance system in Pakistan which has been introduced by the Orangi Pilot Project (OPP) in 1980 at Kutchi Abadies of Karachi.

With the passage of time and high demand of that microfinance business environment has been developed in the big cities of Pakistan so now a large number or Micro fiance banks or institutions are sacrifices their services in Pakistan. Now microfiance institute can be seperated into various groups bases on their uniqueness by other financial banks or institute. Khushhali bank which is include in the top 10 microfinance banks in Pakistan so that bank or institute was came into existence August 2000 as an poverty reduction strategy of Government of Pakistan.

List of Microfinance Banks in Pakistan

1. Apna Microfinance Bank Limited
2. FINCA Microfinance Bank
3. Khushhali Bank Limited
4. National Rural Support Programme Bank Limited (NRSP Bank)
5. Pak-Oman Microfinance Bank Limited (POMFB)
6. Tameer Microfinance Bank Limited (TMFB)
7. The First Mirco Finance Bank Limited (FMFB)
8. The Punjab Provincial Cooperative Bank Limited (PPCBL)
9. U Microfinance Bank Limited
10. Waseela Microfinance Bank

Technical assistance and also Asian development bank are promoted the Pakistan microfinance sector development program after sent the US$150 million loan to the Pakistan government. KB has also been provided the US$70 million which has been used for micro loan in Pakistan. According to the operating of microfinance system of KB so headquarter which has been located in Islamabad that works under the supervision of central bank with many of the commercial banks organizing as its primary shareholders. Kashf Foundation is also working as microfinance bank in Pakistan which has get 123 scale in all over the world, more details use comment box or visit at

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